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Soul Portraits 

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Soul portraits show the true colours and shapes of the soul. Quite often we forget who we really are and are too harsh on ourselves. We beat ourselves up for not having certain qualities, for not achieving what our parents desired for us or we belittle ourselves. In this huge rampage of judgement we forget that we all are beautiful beings with many gifts. Soul Portraits will help you connect to who you really are; the true self. Just simply look at your own portrait, tune into it, breathe it in and you'll see your own inner beauty.

The Process:


Soul Portrait is a form of automatic drawing. Eva Kearney, through visual or audio connection with the client, tunes into the energy field of the client and then draws. During this process she "switches off" her thinking and follows the messages given to her e.g. what colour to use, what shape to draw, what part is more important than the other and usually some theme words for the picture.   

A. During this first stage a messages  come or just a name of the theme of the picture. Also messages of the true purpose for ones being are brought through. 

This draft is done on black paper with color pencils.



B. Second stage: Drawing is done on white paper in greater detail. Usually a combination of watercolors and ink. or with a border or with a border and a message. 


C. Third stage: Digital stage. Technology is used for creating this stage of soul portrait. In the principle that all colours create one particular colour this bring us to the other side of the spectrum....

D. Add a border and a message to your digital file. Nice positive affirmation works really well. Option C or D are complimentary with a purchase of detailed watercolor /ink drawing (pic B).

I love art, especially the kind which uplifts you and puts a smile on your face. I have personally created quite a few oil paintings and mix media paintings. I enjoyed making them, but in the back of my mind there was always a desire to create art that had more meaning such as the ability to heal, inspire on a soul level and facilitate inner transformation.  I had no idea how to bring creativity and healing together. It was only after having my spiral aligned-(See Spiral Alignment with Michelle Doody) I realised I am able to portrait peoples energy by using colors and shapes around their drawn silhouette. I have received a lot of positive feedback from people whose portraits I draw. They described their personal drawing as empowering, encouraging, looking into their spiritual mirror and saw the beauty within themselves. I am so very grateful for this gift and I am so happy I can help my clients to see their own beauty.  

From the artist:

Examples of Detailed Soul Portrait (example B)

These are drawn in black ink on white watercolor paper, using watercolors and color ink. The energetic message is transformed into these drawings with the same value as it is in basic intuitive drawings. 

Examples of digital drawings based on color drawings (example C) 






These are done using modern technology and creative computer programs. They enhance the experience of the drawing while asentuating the synergy of lines and colors. The energetic message is still present and it shows the other side of colorful spectrum. These drawings come only in a digital form. Borders, text, affirmations or messages can be added. (example D). To be able to receive these inverted effects the hand created drawing and sketch must be created.



A4 Basic Drawing and analysis (example A)                              $75+PH


add A4 Color Detailed Drawing (example B)                   total: $195+PH


When Purchasing a color detailed drawing you'll receive FREE digital inverted image with or without a border with optional message,ready to print A4 (example C)




Contact Eva:       0212 506 256


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