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Law for Mankind, The Sovereign's Way

Wondering why on this website we use the lower i instead of I? Why all the reference to mankind, men and women instead of persons, clients and practitioners? How can you be in this world, but not of it? How can you deal with mandates yet uphold your will and not be afraid? Have a look at the videos below...

Note: We have arranged a 50% discount for 12 or more (we already have over 20) to take part in the upcoming December 2021, 10 week class which normally costs around 950 NZD. If you would like to join, then please click here to sign up as a member for free. Then email us here with the email you signed up with, and Michelle will arrange the discount and unlock module 1 straight away to get you started. We will also be running study groups in Christchurch NZ to support the process and get you in touch with like minded men and women. For more information feel free to ring or email us. 

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