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I have been passionate about health and wellbeing for many years. I have been researching and studying many different modalities in a search for happier and lighter life.

I came to conclusion that not only what we put in our body is very important what but firstly what we get rid of. We all carry a lot of toxic matter which makes us feeling heavy, lethargic and unable to see the light in the end of the tunnel. To speed up the process to wellbeing it’s necessary to cleanse from inside and offload what doesn’t serve us. Same like you wouldn’t pour your drink into a dirty glass. With a Lymphatic drainage and colon hydrotherapy I can help you to do just that. I am a strong believer that there is a lot of beauty and potential within each and every one of us. So let’s offload and see the beauty within you.

I am so very looking forward to meeting you and assist you on your journey of finding the best of you.

Call and text: 0212 506 256

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"Amazing thanks :)"

                Daneale, Christchurch NZ


"I am so overjoyed with the result of my colonic and lymphatic therapy that despite any embarrassment I have of people I know reading this, I had to post and share!
Having had colonic sessions before I was fully aware of what I was in for - what it feels like, what the machine does etc. What I didn't have any idea about was the high level of professionalism and advice and insight I would receive from Eva my Therapist.
Eva explained everything - what, why, how. She made what can be an unsettling experience almost fun and I was completely comfortable and in safe and trusted hands.
On top of that I feel fantastically energised and light and am booked in for another 2 sessions.
I cannot recommend Back Door Spa more highly for the system, the experience, the people and personal benefits that you feel immediately.
Thank you so much!!!."

                          Lauren, Christchurch NZ




I first became aware of my health journey when a reoccurring candida infection went away for good after a kinesiology session. For me this was an absolute miracle and changed my perception of healthcare forever.


I have since spent much time searching for the components that make up vibrant health. From emotional healing, kinesiology, Rolfing, AIM program, energy work, family constellation work to various diets including fermenting, green smoothies, raw food and wheat grass juicing on ocean solids


I have now found simple, yet very effective ways to maintain my well being and it is an utmost joy to share this with my clients and watch them experience their own miracles.


Text: 021 072 0498 

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"Michelle is an incredibly intuitive and caring therapist - I came away feeling almost euphoric that the root of my health issues had been identified after many years of multiple illnesses. So grateful to this lovely lady."

                                                                Kareena, Christchurch NZ


Dear Michelle,


Thank you for loaning this great book to me. And thank you for pulling my awareness to some of the terrible fears I was holding on to that were holding me back. Much has changed in my life since our time together. Take care and see you in the future.

                                                                                                                      Katie from Christchurch NZ

Mary Anne Garbriel

70’s massage training, 80’s spiritual healing and computer programming, with Rolfing® Integration by 1990.


Personal growth always ran parallel with my career, and my interests in health have been life-long.


Whether you have lost your spark, are recovering from injury, concerned about growing older and staying active or a teenager growing all out of shape – talking to me about your options could make all the difference.


Athletes, stage performers, couch potatoes and rugby players have all resolved their problems effectively.


1976    Massage Training

1990    Rolfing® Practitioner

1994    Rolfing® Movement Teacher

2000    Structural Movement Teacher

“Your body is unique. It is important to me to listen carefully to your knowledge of yourself so I can effectively add my knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals.”

Call Mary Anne: 0508 765 346

                             0508 ROLFING

Email Mary Anne here:

Sonia Faucci

​Hi, I’m Sonia…

While practicing massage on retreat, I discovered the beauty of the Feminine which all of us have inside. The warmth, the love, the sweet kindness and also the passion and the aliveness.

I realized how we had lost the deep and intimate connection with our body and The Earth.

In this new discovery I found my purpose: to accompany others on this path of healing, connection and awareness with the tools of La Via della Luna® and Arvigo® Therapy.


I have had the good fortune to have met inspiring teachers from whom I learned not only massage techniques, but also how to move in real care of the people I work with.

I invite you to read about the different treatments I offer and hope to meet you soon!

Sonia is available Wed, Fri and Sat

To make an appointment or for more information,

call Sonia at 022 581 2916

or please email Sonia here:


I’ve always been passionate about the human body and its self healing capabilities. I started to train as a physiotherapist in Spain and worked several years as a physiotherapist specialized in physiological chains and chronic pain in France.

Then I realized that I wanted to deepen my knowledge and broaden out my practice.  I searched for different approaches and found that some holistic technics were resonating more with the way I wanted to help people. My main purpose is to empower people. I want you to reconnect with your own body. I believe this is the best way to achieve natural recovery with long term benefits.


The connection between body, mind and energy has been part of my life for years. With the use of various approaches such as Reiki, Psycho-Anthropology, Energetic Healing and Psycho Neuro Immunology (PNIE) we will design together the most appropriate care for you. 


I'm offering Reiki and massage therapy at the Backdoor Spa Thursdays afternoon.  


I invite you to browse my website to discover more about the service I offer.

Margaux is available Thurs afternoons

To make an appointment

call Margaux at 027 218 1070

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Back Door Spa

42 Nayland Street, Sumner, Christchurch, NZ

021 250 6256

DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to treat or cure any disease through the information and/or services on this website.

We acknowledge that only you have sole/soul access to the source of life within and are thus the ultimate authority of your own health. Our purpose is to simply bring through inspiration and support for you on your journey.