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Intuitive Hypnotherapy

Know Thyself

Naomi Crew

Certified Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy & NLP Therapy


i: a woman: Naomi Crew, have always been passionate about exploring and deepening my understanding of the i on a wholistic level, both internally & externally;

Everything is energy, all energy is connected and in a constant state of flux, including each and every system and cell within our own personal universes and beyond into the cosmos; When this energy becomes stuck it accumulates and compounds, causing illness & disease of the mind and body and spreads beyond the i;

Deepening our understanding of this process  by observing ourselves and exploring our own mind, body, soul and source connection is crucial in being able to clear and balance ourselves, internally and externally, allowing for our energy to flow;  By bringing more self awareness to any energy that is stuck, be it in our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual body, allows our states of energy to resume a natural flow and balance is restored, resulting in more internal and external peace, ease, joy, health and abundance in all facets of our lives; This then harmonized energy in the self expands into the collective energy beyond just ourselves;

Our internal and external realms are always communicating with us, reflecting information to us in the way of physical symptoms, thoughts and feelings in a bid to awaken us to areas that we need to address in order to heal,  rebalance and find that flow again; As each of us awaken to our own powerful ability to take responsibility for our own internal and external states, we see our selves transformed and empowered;

The passion of i, is to continue awakening and deepening the creation of i, while sharing this knowledge and assisting others who are ready to do the same; Exploring & reconnecting to our divine inner realms and sources of power, brings deeper awareness & understanding and transforms all areas of our lives into what we know on a soul level is truth and each of our birthright;

i, am honored to share this beautiful journey with other souls called to awaken mankind to the new earth and all who are ready to step into their own divine self. 





Because everyone is unique, the time of the hypnotherapy varies between 1-3 hours.

Pricing is thus set at $199 a session





Contact Naomi

You can contact Naomi through the contact form or text her at 027 268 5579

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"Naomi is amazing. Her guidance, support and empathy was paramount to my healing journey through loosing a father, then loosing my marriage, stabilising my new life as a single mum and subsequently finding myself. Naomi is an integral part of my support network.  She has given me the ability to see things from a place of abundance rather than lack, helped me take steps towards living my truth and continues to do so as life happens, with perspective and grace.  I’m so so grateful to have her in my world."


Cassie - Mansfield Victoria Australia


"Working with Naomi gave me the results that I had been wanting for years.  Naomi is incredible at what she does, she gets remarkably powerful results.  I was able to find defining moments in my life that were affecting me 30 years later and gain new insights and understandings and change the way I saw my past experience so I felt empowered and healed in the present.   I am forever grateful for Naomi's intuition, skills, effort, commitment and dedication in helping me to be a better version of myself and for  finding healing and creating growth within me. Lessons I learned are forever with me."


Leah - Utah USA


"I have known Naomi for many many years. I have witnessed Naomi come into her own, which has been a honour to be part of. Naomi is kind, generous, gracious, honest, funny, caring and loving to name a few. Naomi has an uncanny ability to help you dig deep to draw out words to match your feelings and emotions, her intuitive nature makes it spot on every time. I entrust her with my rawest of emotions. Her passion to help and guide others in their healing journey comes out in her knowing ability to interpret your souls desires. I seek Naomi’s guidance in getting to the core her I trust. I am blessed to know her."


Christine Evans - Brisbane Australia 

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