Price List


EFTPOS and cash are accepted as compensation
for our services and products

24 hour cancellation policy applies



Colon Hydrotherapy-closed system

Consultation (30 min)

This session is for those that need extra time to discuss their treatment, otherwise a consultation is complementary with a purchased colonic or colonic series


Single Session (60 min)



  Single Colonic plus Coffee Enema (60 to 75 min)

This session includes reg colonic then 10min coffee retention enema through the colonic equipment  followed by more colonics



Single Colonic plus Probiotic Enema (60 to 75 min)

This session includes a regular colonic, then 10min probiotic retention enema through the colonic equipment



Package Deals

All payments are non refundable,

non exchangeable.

If you are unsure of a series,

please pay as you go.


3 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions



2 Coffee Colonics and 1 Probiotic Colonic



3 Coffee Colonics and 1 Probiotic Colonic




Soul Portraits


Base Soul Portrait - Intuitive drawing      $75 (+postage & handling)

A4 Colour pencil on black paper, short writen message or explanation/theme 


Detailed Soul Portrait                               $195 (+postage & handling)

A4 Hand drawn; black ink details over watercolour or ink base on white watercolour paper


Bonus deal: Receive FREE digital inverted color file with optional boder and a message/affirmation when  you purchase the Detailed Soul Portrait




Manual Lymphatic Drainage



Whole body  (60 min)



Zero Balancing


Full Session (45-60 min)






Colour Therapy with ZeroBalancing



incl remedy bottle ($30) 90min






Massage with Sonia


La Via della Luna® 90min



Arvigo® Therapy

Initial Session 150 min


Arvigo® Therapy

Subsequent Sessions 90 min