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Enema Kit Reusable



Enemas are a great as support between colonics.

Premium 2 Litre BPA Free Silicone Enema Kit.

Each kit comes with a carry bag, 3 replacement tips, a hanging hook, and a user guide.

For regular use, enema tips should be replaced every 3-4 months.


Price list:

$80 at the spa
For postage, please email us with your address and we will calculate the courier costs.

Happy Bum Bag

Enema Kit

Multiple Use IN STOCK


Enema Kit Single Use IN STOCK



Enema kits are great as support between colonics.

Our enema is designed with:

  • spill proof valve on the 1500 cc enema bag

  • easy-use funnel top

  • 137 cm long soft vinyl tube has a pre-lubricated, smooth, non-traumatic tip with rounded eyes for safety and easy insertion. Set also contains a moisture-proof, castile soap packet and a plastic shut- off clamp.


Price list:

$20 at the spa
Postage around $5 but please email us your postal address for exact courier cost.

3bottles transparant.png

Pure New Zealand C60 IN STOCK


At last! C60 in olive oil made in New Zealand! Pure New Zealand C60 is made with 99.99% Sublime C60 which means there are no toxic solvents or chemicals used anywhere in the processing. The olive oil is from an artisan grove in New Zealand and is certified organic. Finally, Miron glass is used to bottle which protects and enhances the product. To learn more


According to scientific studies (links on bold text) C60 has the following effects:


Price list

$85 per 100ml, package deals available

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