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Abdominal Restorative Massage

​Supporting your reproductive & digestive health

Using: The Arvigo® Techniques of abdominal therapy, an holistic approach developed over centuries that has been found to be effective in addressing a variety of chronic abdominal well-being issues.

This is an external, gentle and non-invasive massage to the abdomen and lower back that helps guide internal organs into their proper position so that their functions are supported and enhanced.

This Therapy stimulates circulation and blood flow, supporting optimal function of the lymphatic and nervous systems. It is a therapy that can be applied throughout every stage of life.



This ancient massage will address:

  • Fertility issues

  • Erectile function issues

  • Painful and/or irregular menstrual cycles and ovulation

  • Painful intercourse

  • PMS

  • Difficult menopause

  • Reconnection after trauma

  • Miscarriage

  • Hysterectomy

  • Early stages of prostate swelling

  • Constant urination

  • Anemia

  • Prolapsed Uterus

  • Chronic skin conditions

  • Headaches

  • Nausea and heartburn

  • Diarrhoea and constipation

  • IBS

  • Endometriosis


How It Works


The Arvigo® techniques of abdominal therapy is massage as you’ve never experienced before. During the course of treatments, you learn self-massage techniques that only take ten minutes a day and can lead to lasting physical and emotional rejuvenation. I'll help you with your abdominal issues so you get long-term healing that sticks, not a quick fix.


What to expect during a session


  • A comprehensive review of your past and present healthcare needs focusing on reproductive and digestive health

  • Upper and lower abdominal massage

  • Massage to the back, sacrum and hips

  • Instruction on Self Care massage which is to be done at home


Self Care

A unique aspect of Arvigo® Therapy is that you learn ‘Self Care’; how to massage your own abdomen, helping to sustain the good circulation and blood flow initiated by the treatment. This is truly empowering.

By doing your Self Care massage regularly you carry the treatment on between appointments and can continue after your course of treatment is complete. You feel physically and emotionally connected to the treatment process.



Is Abdominal Restorative Massage right for you?

Click here to book a free 15-minute Zoom appointment with me 



THE LINK FOR free 15-minute Zoom Appointment IS:









Dr. Rosita Arvigo, a Naprapathic physician, herbalist, international speaker and author lived and studied with many traditional healers in Central America for the last 40 years, the most notable of whom was Don Elijio Panti. She combined what she learned with these healers with her knowledge of anatomy, physiology and Naturopathy* to create The Arvigo® Therapy. (

*study similar to Osteopathy

“Give nature half a chance and she has a miracle in store for everyone.”

— Dr. Rosita Arvigo



"Hey Sonia! I'm doing well I have now had both last cycle and this cycle with no bleeding during my ovulation which is fantastic!..." -Emma-

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About Sonia

While practicing massage on retreat, I discovered the beauty of the Feminine which all of us have inside. The warmth, the love, the sweet kindness and also the passion and the aliveness.

I realized how we had lost the deep and intimate connection with our body and The Earth and

In this new discovery I found my purpose: to accompany others on this path of healing, connection and awareness with the tools of La Via della Luna® and Arvigo® Therapy.


I have had the good fortune to have met inspiring teachers from whom I learned not only massage techniques, but also how to move in real care of the people I work with.

I invite you to read about the different treatments I offer and hope to meet you soon!

Sonia is available by appointment


To make an appointment

call Sonia at 022 581 2916

or please email Sonia here:

"Sonia, thank you again for my Arvigo masssage. I have never felt better the last few days. I've felt more relaxed in my body and more creative and comfortable sharing my voice too!Thank you so much. - Haley-“

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