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Know Thyself Retreat

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An important and powerful part of the Know Thyself retreat is the hypnotherapy sessions. These sessions are intuituvely guided and specifically designed to facilitate a much deeper connection back to the self. A connection that has become buried beneath the layers of your every day reality where you have learnt to keep yourself distracted and busy from the internal communication of your inner self. These sessions allow you a window into your deeper self, to explore, resolve, provide new insights, understandings, clarity, healing and ultimately reconnecting and intergrating aspects of the self that could not be accessed on a conscious level on your own.

After your hypnotherapy session you will be provided with a personilised journal, along with an abundance of self care, time and space where you can reflect in solitude and can acknowledge, release and intergrate further with the support of therapists who can gently guide this process.


In preparation and alongside your soul exploration, you will be experiencing detoxifying and balancing bodywork treatments along side fasting on electrolyte rich water and/or broths. For more information on fasting, click here.


What is included?

  • All supplements

  • 4 nights accommodation - to see click here

  • Group meditation

  • Two group yoga sessions

  • 2 coffee colonics, 1 probiotic colonic

  • 3 bodywork treatments (zero balancing, lymphatic drainage and reflexology*)

  • 1-3 hour hypnosis session with intuitive hypnotherapist Naomi


To see a typical itinerary click here. This schedule may change to accommodate the number of participants and featured therapist/activity so a final itinerary will be sent to you before you come to the retreat. 


Want to know who you will be working with? Click here to meet our team!


Would you like to hear of what others have to say about our retreats? Click here to see typical feedback from our clients. 


*the modality of bodywork is subject to change depending on practitioner availability

Retreat Dates and Prices

May 27th to 31st   Thursday to Monday 

4 nights and 3 days at $1495 per person


Oct 28th to Nov 1st  Thursday to Monday 

4 nights and 3 days at $1495 per person


We also offer this retreat for groups of 2-4 people,

contact us for a special retreat date for you and your friends.

Why Fast?

Benefits of fasting and importance of salts on fasts

Retreat Program

Not sure what to expect? Take a peek at a typical itinerary

Meet Us

Meet the men and women you will work with

What have people said about their experience

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