Therapeutic Retention Enemas
Therapeutic retention enemas are given at the end of a colon hydrotherapy session, are administered through the colonic equipment, retained for around 10min and are after flushed out through the colonic equipment making the experience effective and mess free
Coffee Enema

Coffee enemas reduce toxicity in the body, help eliminate parasites and Candida, improve digestion, ease bloating, help with depression and increase energy and clarity. They have also been used by the Gerson Therapy along with diet as a treatment protocol for cancer. The retention of the coffee enema is important, as the coffee soaks in the Sigmoid colon; the end part of the colon that is directly connected to the liver through the circulatory system.  The coffee contains alkaloids which have a detoxifying effect on the liver, stimulating release of bile and toxins, and thus making the liver more effective; sort of like cleaning out a clogged filter in the vacuum cleaner allowing better suction capabilities. The coffee retention is then followed by an additional colonic, to clear out any remaining fecal matter and released bile.

Probiotic Enema

Balanced gut flora is linked to strong immunity, lower serum cholesterol, improved lactose tolerance, proper nutrient absorption and a reduction in risk of colon cancer, irritable bowel and inflammatory bowel disease. There are a few things one can do to maintain healthy gut flora balance; refrain from refined sugar and refined carbohydrates (as this feeds Candida and other bacteria that cause disease), eat plenty of raw and fermented foods, and using probiotics. However oral probiotics are not very effective in rebalancing the colon, as they are the small intestine, so it is important to rebalance the colon at the source. This is where our probiotic enemas comes in. We use specific strains of probiotics meant for the bowel and administer it after the colonic in an retention enema through the colonic equipment.