We offer you personalized retreats for 4 to maximum 6 people at a time.


You will receive quality one on one time with therapists and activities in small group settings.


Retreats include body work such as colon hydrotherapy, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and zero balancing along side yoga.

Each retreat has its unique focus from colour art therapy, making herbal remedies to exploring life between lives.


All retreats are founded on fasting to give yo the ultimate detoxification and rejuvenation experience. You will be fasting on water with essential salts to keep your electrolyte balance optimum. We have discontinued juice fasts as although they are popular, they negate true fasting benefits by elevating insulin levels. For more info on fasting, click here


Accommodation is in the beautiful Hillside Sanctuary Retreat House that overlooks the ocean and is  just a 35 min walk down the hill to the spa where the treatments take place.

Upcoming Retreats
Back to Nature Retreat
Exploring Life Between Lives Retreat

Why Fast?

Benefits of fasting and importance of salts on fasts

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DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to treat or cure any disease through the information and services on this website.

We acknowledge that only you have sole/soul access to the source of life within and are thus the ultimate authority of your own health. Our purpose is be consciously connected through our soul to our life source and simply bring through inspiration and support for you.