Credit Card Payment With Paypal


If you prefer to pay by credit card instead of Eftpos, Cash or bank transfer, please pay through paypal prior to your appointment.

All Payments are non refundable and non exchangeable.

If you are unsure of a series, please pay as you go.

24 hour cancellation policy applies.

Colon Hydrotherapy -closed system


Single session (60min)


Session + Organic coffee enema


Session + Probiotic enema


Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Whole body (60 min)



including color remedy bottle


90 min


Package Deals

Non refundable, non exchangeable,

if you are unsure of a series,

please pay as you go


3 Colon Hydrotherapy Sessions


Zero Balancing

Full Session (45-60 min)


2 Coffee Colonics and 1 Probiotic Colonic   


3 Coffee Colonics and 1 Probiotic Colonic 


Soul Portraits


Base Soul Portrait - Intuitive drawing 

A4 Colour pencil on black paper, short writen message or explanation/theme 

$75 (+postage & handling)

Detailed Soul Portrait

A4 Hand drawn; black ink details over watercolour or ink base on white watercolour paper

$195 (+postage & handling)

Bonus deal: Receive FREE digital inverted color file with optional border and a message/affirmation when  you purchase the Detailed Soul Portrait


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DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to treat or cure any disease through the information and services on this website.

We acknowledge that only you have sole/soul access to the source of life within and are thus the ultimate authority of your own health. Our purpose is be consciously connected through our soul to our life source and simply bring through inspiration and support for you.