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Full Circle Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the art of muscle testing for stresses in the body. These stresses can be emotional, nutritional, structural, energetic and various forms of trauma. By receiving feedback from manual muscle testing these stresses can be identified and released through the use of the five element and 14 meridian system of Chinese Medicine and associated corrections such as colour, sound, neuro lymphatic massage points, emotional release, neurovascular holding points, whole foods and literally anything that comes to mind that can strengthen the body.


A typical session begins by discussion of what the client would like to achieve. It could be more self confidence at work, restoring a relationship with a family member or alleviating pain in the body. Then the client rates where they feel in relation to their goal on a scale of 1-10.


This is followed by the client choosing colors in the form of colour essence bottles that resonate most with the client. Looking at the color meaning helps the client shift in a non invasive way and bring to light aspeacts of the issue that have previously been unseen and unconsious. Finally, using the body's feedback back system through kinesiology, the actual balancing session takes place. At the end of the session the goal is reassessed using both muscle testing and personal feedback from the client.

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Full circle kinesiology integrates colour, sound, energy balances and geometry to bring the whole picture into view. Often the  reason we are experiencing suffering is because we do not understand  where we are in relation to  who we really are and where our soul is leading us on our journey of self discovery, expansion and realization


For me, kinesiology was life transforming. I initially went to a kinesiologist for help with stage fright and issues with my mother. In return I received expanded awareness of myself and who I was as an embodied soul. I also let go of a recurring yeast infection that had been going on for years which for me was an absolute miracle and changed my whole perspective of medicine and the role of emotions and thought in our dis-ease.


I invite you to discover for yourself the information your body holds for you about your life.

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