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Michelle Doody



My professional background is in sports massage and the dental industry but I have never felt like I was fulfilling my life purpose in any of these fields. Looking back it is probably because I shut down my real talent as a child as I have always had 'seeing' abilities but deeming them as abnormal.  However since having my spiral aligned everything has been reopening at a very quick pace. Right away after aligning my own spiral at a kinesiology session, I could see everyone’s spirals and when using my hands I could align them right away. I then began to be able to see energetic cysts and given time, I could use my hands to release them from peoples bodies (energetic cysts are usually cause by physical or emotional trauma). After reading Upledger’s book on Cranio Sacral therapy I discovered that I could easily feel this rhythm and balance it as well. I thus went on to study Cranio Sacral therapy and am now working on both humans and horses! It is truly a joy to be able to facilitate such powerful life changing therapy sessions!

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