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La Via della Luna®



“La Via della Luna®” is an holistic massage, drawing on the principles of Californian and Swedish massage and on Craniosacral balancing treatment.

Receiving this massage you may rediscover the importance of contact as a form of nourishment which is essential to our mental and physical health and well-being. These are some of the benefits of this treatment:

  • You may feel well rooted

  • A state of deep relaxation

  • Becoming more receptive

  • Relief from anxiety, insomnia and stress

  • Improves circulation in the lymphatic and blood system

  • Renews vital energy

  • Relaxes the nervous system



Session : 1.5hrs ~ $120


“Massage is an ancient form of healing and therapy born with the human being and part of humanity’s heritage. It aims to preserve and restore health and mental and physical well-being. It is an art, a journey to rediscover one’s own sensations, a gesture of love for ourselves and for others.”

— Originator: Shaida Cartella’



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About Sonia

i: a woman; Sonia Faucci...

While practicing massage on retreat, i, discovered the beauty of the Feminine which all of us have inside; The warmth, the love, the sweet kindness and also the passion and the aliveness;

i, realized how we had lost the deep and intimate connection with our body and The Earth;

In this new discovery i, found my purpose: to accompany others on this path of healing, connection and awareness with the tools of La Via della Luna® and Arvigo® Therapy;


i, have had the good fortune to have met inspiring teachers from whom i, learned not only massage techniques, but also how to move in real care of the people I work with;

i, invite you to read about the different treatments I offer and hope to meet you soon!

Sonia is available

Wed, Fri and Sat

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call Sonia at 022 581 2916

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