Holistic Pulsing

"Holistic Pulsing is more than a body therapy…it is also a philosophy, a way of life."


At the heart of it is a belief in wholeness – that we are more than the sum of our parts and that integration of those parts leads to healing, through a sense of completeness and connectedness. We rediscover this through a philosophy of acceptance, awareness and re-empowerment….and through the gentle rhythms and flow of life.


Holistic Pulsing, as experienced by the “Mind-Body” can be used in conjunction with any other therapy, or as an approach in its own right. It can be safely used with most people irrespective of age or state of health.


Milada, our holistic pusling practitioner specilizes supporting woman with fertility

“The point is not what we have, but how we have it ... Holistic Pulsing approaches the blockages it finds in the body with no judgement ... For our blockages are our most valuable teachers.” ~ Tovi Browning

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treatments, pregnancy and children of all ages.


The overall aims of Holistic Pulsing are to:

  • expand inner awareness

  • develop self-acceptance and self-responsibility

  • re-integrate the whole person


The focus is on healing through ease of movement, wholeness, and enjoyment.


As our physical bodies begin to relax, expand, and let go, our emotions are encouraged to surface and be expressed. This can result in dramatic and positive effects on our physical symptoms and life patterns, as we release past trauma and outmoded beliefs. Healing and integration can flow to those areas where we were blocked, rigid, or in pain – reminding us of the possibility of healing through ease and pleasure.




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DISCLAIMER: We do not claim to treat or cure any disease through the information and/or services on this website.

We acknowledge that only you have sole/soul access to the source of life within and are thus the ultimate authority of your own health. Our purpose is to simply bring through inspiration and support for you on your journey.