I have been passionate about health and wellbeing for many years. I have been researching and studying many different modalities in a search for happier and lighter life.

I came to conclusion that not only what we put in our body is very important what but firstly what we get rid of. We all carry a lot of toxic matter which makes us feeling heavy, lethargic and unable to see the light in the end of the tunnel. To speed up the process to wellbeing it’s necessary to cleanse from inside and offload what doesn’t serve us. Same like you wouldn’t pour your drink into a dirty glass. With a Lymphatic drainage and colon hydrotherapy I can help you to do just that. I am a strong believer that there is a lot of beauty and potential within each and every one of us. So let’s offload and see the beauty within you.

I am so very looking forward to meeting you and assist you on your journey of finding the best of you.

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"I am so overjoyed with the result of my colonic and lymphatic therapy that despite any embarrassment I have of people I know reading this, I had to post and share!"

"Having had colonic sessions before I was fully aware of what I was in for - what it feels like, what the machine does etc. What I didn't have any idea about was the high level of professionalism and advice and insight I would receive from Eva my Therapist."

"Eva explained everything - what, why, how. She made what can be an unsettling experience almost fun and I was completely comfortable and in safe and trusted hands.
On top of that I feel fantastically energised and light and am booked in for another 2 sessions."


"I cannot recommend Back Door Spa more highly for the system, the experience, the people and personal benefits that you feel immediately."

"Thank you so much!!!"


                      Lauren Stannard, Christchurch NZ

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