Detox and Rejuvenating Retreats


We specialize in detoxification, so if you are interested in taking the time to let go of toxins on all levels of your being in a safe, nurturing environment, these retreats are for you! Everything is taken care of, including supplements and treatments. All you have to do is show up at the airport, we will pick you up and walk you through everything!





Never fasted before? No worries! We are very experienced with all kinds of fasting, including water fasts, juice fasts and broth fasts. Everything will be provided!


Fasting will allow your body to take a break, detox, go into ketosis, reset your metabolism, release build up fluid retention and more!



Skin Brushing and Hot Salt Baths


Our skin is a huge organ! Responsible for protecting us, but also an important eliminating channel. We help the skin clear through skin brushing, which stimulates blood flow bringing nutrients in and toxins out. This is further enhanced by following with a hot salt water/epsom salt bath that induces sweating, which helps drawing out the toxins.


This is an extremely important, but often overlooked aspect to detoxification. When you do a fast, the body takes the opportunity to start off loading all the toxins, so it is important to open up the channels so the toxins do not get stuck, but leave easily.


Cleansing through the skin through sweating (hot baths or saunas) allows the toxins to by pass the kidneys, giving them a break and leave directly through the skin and digestive track. This is supported by activated charcoal which mops up the toxins on the inside and niacin which helps open up the blood vessels so that the toxins can be eliminated effectively.



Lymphatic Drainage


Lymphatic Drainage massage further enhances the detoxification process. By stimulating the lymph nodes (the immune and detox centers of the body that drain fluid into the kidneys) and then gently drawing the fluid in the lymphatic system (directly under the skin) into the lymph nodes (naturally this only occurs through exercise, unlike the circulatory system, there is no pump, like the heart to do the job) your body can let go of and process toxins and build the immune system


This therapy is extremely relaxing and pleasant, putting the body into a rest and digest state, perfect for healing!



Coffee Colonics


When coffee enters the liver via the portal system, it causes an increase of bile flow. This bile, in turn, allows accumulated poisons and toxins to be released and evacuated from the body.


Dr. Gerson, who researched and then incorporated coffee enemas into his cancer therapy, found that continued ingestion of juices and enemas throughout the day is critical for the elimination of poisonous substances from the body. As he noted, "A patient is unlikely to die from cancer, but from the toxins accumulated in the body."


Frequent coffee enemas help to reduce severe pain, nausea, general nervous tension and depression and are indispensable support for detoxification during fasting.






Gall Bladder and Liver Flush


This process begins at the beginning of the fast by consuming malic acid in the form of apple cider vinager. This softens the gall stones. Then on day three a series of magnesium in water drinks is administered which opens up the bile duct, then followed by a mixture of olive oil and freshly squeezed grapefruit juice which pumps out the stones from the gallbladder. Followed the next day with more magnesium and colonics, the gall stones are safely eliminated leaving you with a freshly cleaned liver!


The effects of a liver flush are extra ordinary, improved digestion, resolved constipation (constipation is often du to a blocked gallbladder where the bile is not released freely which normally stimulated a bowel movement) increased energy and mental clarity, to name a few.


Usually this will be followed by subsequent flushes usually 6 weeks to 2 months apart to clear all the stones until nothing comes out. Having had experienced the cleanse with us, most people will be able to continue on their own when they get home.



Zero Balancing


The retreat starts and ends with a Zero Balancing body work treatment.


This is a body work that integrates energy with structure, releasing tension at the bone level, which then effects all the symptoms connected, including tendons, muscles, organs, all the way into the light bodies.


Thus this treatment not only helps get more movement and relaxation in the body, but has a benifical effect on the emotional and mental body as well.


Very relaxing to get done, and supports the integration of all the therapies.





Swedish Massage


Colour work Kinesiology


Creative painting experience with Brenda Knight, Become a Creative Giant




Probiotic Colonic


The last of the colonic series is closed off with a probiotic enema so that we can help support the rejuvenating process with good bacteria.


We use a special type and blend of bacteria which are administered through the colonic equipment directly into the colon, bypassing the digestive system insuring that all the little helpers can further aid in support and protection of the colon wall.











We offer two different retreat options, the gallbladder and liver flush retreat and the detoxifying juice/bone broth/vegetable fast retreat. Both address detoxing the body, but the gall bladder and liver flush retreat goes a step further by eliminating all input through a water fast and helping the gall bladder and liver release bile and gall stones.


​We live in a toxic world, surrounded by radiation from cell phones, wi fi, high powered power lines, chemicals in our food, cleaning products, building materials, air and even drinking water. Combined with every day stress that most go through which cause toxicity created by the body itself, helping the body eliminate these toxins on a regular basis is crucial.

Our retreats address all the main eliminatory channels so that the body can have a chance to heal and regenerate.

We clear the eliminatory channels through fasting (stopping any input to give the body a break), clearing the colon, clearing the skin, clearing the gall bladder of gallstones and bile (with the gall bladder and liver flush retreat, but this also happens to a large extent with the coffee colonics) and then re balancing the gut flora with oral probiotics and probotics directly into the colon.

Read below, all will be explained!



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